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Substrata (2023)

Substrata was created as a site-specific electroacoustic performance premiered for the Cantiere Internazionale d' Arte di Montepulciano within the archaeological excavations of the Santuario Ritrovato al Bagno Grande in San Casciano dei Bagni (ITA).

Geological stratification and the ideal union of the elements earth and water become a cradle and protection for human treasures (in this case, archaeological finds of Etruscan origin). Beyond the human value, the intention is to shift the focus from the anthropocentric aspect to the 'gesture' that the 'place' itself performs towards us, spontaneously becoming a 'space' where we can place a frame in order to render the sounds of water, mud, tree foliage and the typical sounds of Tuscan nature ritual and language. The piece synthesizes the ritual offering, not intended as a sacrifice, but as a vital and evocative force, the intention of a non-violent exchange with the ecosystem.


First performance at Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte in Montepulciano 2023. Selected at "Paysages Composes" (binaural version) in Grenoble and "International Music Day. Spatial Sound Installation" (Ambisonics version) in Tallin.

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Glitch Mass (2022)

Glitch Mass is an electro-acoustic acousmatic piece where the term "glitch" represents waste sound material derived from editing processes and re-organized as a liturgy. The sacredness of what we cannot see, the inner presence of what is usually called “absence” lives and changes inside the virtual and physical space of that work, it moves into a place that wants to resemble a temple. Most of the sound material was taken from the famous five sequences wich “survived” the Council of Trent: Dies Irae, Victimae paschali laudes, Lauda Sion Salvatorem, Veni Sancte Spiritus, Stabat Mater.

Performed at “Stems” (Conservatorio L. Cherubini in Florence), “SMC2023” (Sound and Music Computing Conference 2023) at KMH Stockholm (Ambisonics version), "International Music Day. Spatial Sound Installation" (Ambisonics version) in Tallin, TRK. Sound Club-Tempo Reale in Florence (live performance).

Glitch Mass
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Echi di Ebe (2021)

It was not a servile act by Hebe, the preparation and pouring of the nectar and ambrosia, the source of the eternal youth of the gods, but an impulse to life and renewal. “Echoes of Hebe” is an attempt to make her divine voice echo inside the “sacred” spaces of our landscape and to immerse in a world of sound that represents the dark and difficult work that takes place there, whose glue is the digital manipulation of sounds.

First performance at Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte 2021 in Montepulciano with an octophonic speaker configuration.

Echi di Ebe
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