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"...I didn't jump on my bicycle because I wanted to go to London and win, I won because I wanted to ride my bicycle.. "

(Alex Zanardi)


''A story of non-linearity and interactions''

Well this is not about sport but about passion. I started studying music at the age of 9, I heard a saxophone playing somewhere and I decided to study it.
I got a bachelor's degree and I started being a professional musician and a teacher.
In the meantime I started being interested in technology applied to music and I discovered the magnetic world of soundtracks, electronic music and finally sound... the atom of what I loved until then.

I studied self-taught sound engineering, sound mixing and everything related to audio not forgetting about music. Live performances are a big part of my professional life because of the interactions that are created.
Interaction between sound and graphic led me to attend a Master's Degree in "Music for Videogames" learning middlewares like Fmod and Wwise , game engines like Unity3d and Unreal Engine and a non-linear approach of sound design that I already practiced in various short-movies, commercials, theater.

At this stage experimentation and hard work are my daily routine... and passion is my engine. 

Davide Vannuccini

Sound Design and Music for Media

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